Rocketboy: Your very local local

At Rocketboy it’s our mission to make a pizza that not only tastes better, but also does more good locally.

Fortunately, our local forage hasn’t been too hard. There are some rich pickings on offer for our speciality toppings from the best of the best food artisans in Sydney’s Inner West.

Take Paesaonella for example – a Marrickville based cheese making family who produce the best fresh mozzarellas and ricottas in the Southern Hemisphere! (no great surprise since they’ve been at it for over 65 years)

Around the corner from them we have Serendipity Ice Cream, another 55 year old family affair. Serendipity is still passionate and still knocking out the creamiest, most awarded ice cream in NSW.

Not all our ingredients can’t be within walking distance though. When Rocketboy launched back in 2014 we were proud to make the commitment to only use sustainably caught Australian prawns on our pizzas. You won’t find other businesses like ours doing that.

There’s a lot of ingredients in a pizza menu so we could go on all day: Aussie flours in our dough and Aussie tomatoes in our sauce. Premium oils and vinegars from the Hunter Valley. Parkers Organic Drinks from Botany, smallgoods from Lucas Meats in Bronte and so many more.

By using locally sourced, premium products and ingredients we don’t just get the benefits and feel-good from building long standing relationships with fellow foodies, but we also love the fact we are keeping the Rocketboy food carbon footprint as low as we can and supporting the local economy at the same time.

But we couldn’t do it without you, so thank you for supporting your very local local.

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It’s What’s Inside That Counts

The Rocketboy founders are Rocket-dads too. We have the same work/life battles as our customers. School runs, bath times, Saturday sport, birthday parties, homework, device stand-offs… URGH!!!!

Sometimes there’s not a lot of time for good cooking at home and getting enough healthiness into the kids can be hard. So, we came up with a secret veggie plan for when time is against you.

Since we spend our days sourcing fresh ingredients and cooking our sauces, marinades, and veggie toppings from scratch, we thought why not create an amazingly healthy yet tasty sauce for our pizzas too.

After a few test-runs we are ready to present to you our new Secret Veggie Sauce to elevate your next pizza to a healthier level.

Here’s what we came up with.

Loads of gently sautéed Broccoli Stem, Zucchini, Celery, Leafy Greens, Carrots and Onion. Seasoned with Kelp – for extra nutrients and minerals – and blended with just enough Tomatoes to pass the kid test.

Get it on any pizza today.  A little secret from our family to yours…


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Made Fresh Daily

What makes Rocketboy next level pizza? We love to cook!

And we don’t mean just cook pizza. We’re talking nearly every ingredient that goes on top.

You won’t see a can of Pineapple, Caramelised Onions or Marinated Eggplant here folks. No factory-made tubs of pesto, piri-piri or BBQ sauce either.

We take fresh ingredients and vegetables directly from the growers then dice, pick, shred, season, blend, sauté and roast our little hearts out to make original fresh flavours you’ll only find at Rocketboy.

We leave the specialty smallgoods and cheeses to the real experts, but you have to wonder why most pizza shops use a thin slice of raw mushrooms that dries on the pizza, when sautéing them with garlic and seasoning first really brings out their flavour? (spoiler alert – it’s cheaper and they’re lazy)

So, when you’re browsing Rocketboy’s menu imagine how each topping would taste seasoned and cooked from scratch because that’s what you’ll get.

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One small step for vegan-kind

Our long and sometimes testing journey through life’s plant-based-meat buffet is over. And we’re very excited for you to meet ‘MEET’ from North Sydney’s ProForm Foods.

Locally made? Tick
Got the taste? Double tick
Got the texture right? Triple tick
Cooks great in our ovens? So many ticks!
Doesn’t cost the earth because it bleeds beetroot juice and was grown from a stem cell? You get the idea

MEET ‘chicken’ tenders and ‘beef’ strips are featured on our delicious new vegan pizza, the Eden. The nestle nicely with roast veggies, rosemary potatoes and a vegan gravy base in an homage to the Sunday roast.

But MEET works great as an addition or substitute on any pizza, or grab some grilled to go with your next salad.

Made from predominantly soy, mushroom and other natural goodies, and low in salt you’re in safe hands with MEET. Be sure to give it a try and help make a positive change with us at Rocketboy.

Fancy a Sunday roast (minus the meat)?

Try the Eden, our new vegan pizza.

We can’t wait for you to try our new vegan ‘meats’ – the texture and flavour is amazing, and you won’t have to compromise your virtue. Choose from vegan pulled ‘chicken’ or ‘beef’ strips, and we’ll layer them over a vegan gravy base with roast veggies, shaved potato and the best vegan cheese on the block.

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Something New From Rocketboy

Good things are taking off

With Spring around the corner Rocketboy is launching a brand new range of nutritious dishes to awaken your senses & satisfy your soul.

So as you search for your swimmers and countdown to Daylight Savings start something new with Rocketboy.


Our new Superbowl Salad really packs a punch!  Full of flavour and nutritious seasonal ingredients, this salad has everything you need for your 5-a-day, anyday!

Made with Quinoa, Kale and Herbs (Mint, Dill & Parsley) and lots of crunchy Seasonal Veggies all tossed in a cracking Sesame and Lime Dressing and topped with Toasted Pepita Seeds.

Using Local Ingredients from Sydney Growers, it’s Dairy Free, Gluten Free and most definitely Boring Free.  Super we Say!


As a side option, our Scandinavian inspired Diced Beetroot, Apple & Red Onion Salad, tossed in our Yoghurt Dill Dressing, is the perfect new accompaniment to any pizza night at Rocketboy.

Try topping your slices, or finishing your crusts with this great burst of flavour and at only $7 a pop, it’s a little gem of a salad that really hits the spot!


With a generous combination of our two new Salads plus Grilled Zucchini and French Beans, Toasted Garlic Pitta Breads, Dips, Pickles and Fresh Lime, the only hard decision to make is which of our Tasty Proteins to choose for Dinner today.

With 3 Options available – Slow Cooked BBQ Beef Brisket, Free Range Spicy Chicken Breast, or Chickpea Falafel – you can enjoy one big serve of all the good things happening at Rocketboy, when Hunger strikes!


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Waste not, Want not

Like any business, Rocketboy has an impact on this planet. But in the spirit of World Environment Day, we wanted to tell you a bit about what we’re doing to reduce this impact – so when you order a pizza with us, you know the kind of ethos you’re supporting.

We love locally grown produce.

From the start, Rocketboy has used as much local produce as possible. For example, rather than buy from producers interstate we work with growers who are farming in the Sydney basin area. That means lower transport impacts, and the chance to contribute to our local economy in a positive way.

Our prawns are our pride & joy.

Buying sustainably-grown produce really matters to us – and there’s no better example than our wild Australian prawns, which are MSC certified. It’s our way of supporting responsible farming and fishing practices, and preventing the destruction of the world’s mangroves caused by imported farmed prawns from South East Asia (and we’re 100% sure you can taste the difference).

We keep it in-house.

Instead of buying heaps of pre-packaged ingredients, we make most of our pizza toppings in house – from that pesto you love, to our signature marinades. As well as making our food more fresh and yummy, it’s reducing the packaging waste we create which cuts down on the carbon footprint of our food.

Our food scraps no longer go to waste.

Rather than throw our food waste in the bin, we now send it to The Organic Recycling Group, who use it to make compost – which in turn, improves the soil for farmers. This closed loop system has been in place since March this year, and we estimate it’s already reduced our landfill by a massive 50%. Which we’re more than a little pleased about.

Got any ideas about what we could do better? We’d love to hear them. Email us at


Did you know…
Food waste makes up an estimated 22% of landfill! Without oxygen, it can’t break down naturally – and as a result, creates deadly methane gas and toxic run-off. The message is clear… compost! Check out this article to hear the food waste story in more detail.
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Surf & Turf

House Marinated Picanha Steak & Garlic Prawns, Fresh Capsicum & Spanish Onion On A BBQ & Tomato Base W/ Lime & Ginger Aioli
M – $18   L – $23   XL – $27

Torn between steak or seafood?

Right now you’re in luck, because with our special edition Surf & Turf pizza, you can have the best of both worlds. This saucy little number combines a Tonkatsu BBQ base with sizzling prawns and Picanha steak – and trust us, it’s a marriage that actually works.

To complete the perfect partnership, we’ve added fresh capsicum, Spanish onion and a drizzle of our tangy house-made lime & ginger aioli. Seriously seductive, this is one pizza we strongly recommend you get to know. Just don’t get too attached – after all, the Surf & Turf is around for a good time, not a long time!

What’s Picanha steak, we hear you ask?

Well it’s one of Brazil and Portugal’s best-kept secrets: a prized cut of beef that stays tender even under extreme heat (making it perfect for our fiery 270-degree pizza ovens!). Marinated in our signature pepper and garlic recipe, it’s a must-try for flavour aficionados.


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You’ve never Spelt so good

What’s your pizza based on?

It’s no secret that the base is the most important part of any pizza. Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle – we’ve been perfecting our regular base, dough-ball by dough-ball for a lot of years and we’re pretty happy with it. Despite this we were hearing from some of our customers that they loved our pizza but they just couldn’t eat wheat, wheat, wheat with every meal anymore, so a few years ago we began tinkering with a new kind of dough.

How to make a Spelt Base Pizza that tastes great.

After a lot of experimenting our pizza geniuses came up with a unique Spelt Base that we still use today. We settled on a combination of 100% Australian Spelt and Wholemeal Flours, Honey, Sea Salt, Herbs, a dash of Yeast and a drizzle of Local Olive Oil to create a base with a delicious, mild nutty flavour. It’s a great match for our Lola, Maple Beef or Capricciosa pizzas. Or, if you’re a fan of our Garlic and Cheese breads ask for one with spelt next time.

Feel better about eating pizza

That’s what our spelt base is really all about – feeling better. If you’re one of those people that feels a bit bloated or your tummy’s not happy after eating too much wheat, then you should definitely give spelt a try.

The coolest part about spelt is it’s easier to digest. It has high water-solubility so its nutrients are absorbed into the body more easily and quickly. It also has a lot less gluten, and the gluten it does have is different.

Spelt Flour and Gluten

Gluten is often the binding agent in baked products. It affects foods texture by making it more elastic, less chewy. For example cake has less gluten than bread. When you eat food with gluten your digestive system has to break the bonds the gluten has formed.

Spelt gluten is more fragile than that in wheat. Think about how as you keep mixing wheat dough it gets tougher and tougher as bonds form. Well, with spelt dough the more you mix, the more it falls apart. Bit harder to make, much easier to eat.

Spelt flour is not gluten free, so it’s certainly not suitable for anyone with celiac disease or a serious gluten intolerance but for our customers that usually have to think twice about having a wheaty pizza, it can make a big difference.

The great Spelt-Wheat war of 1850

Spelt grain is part of the wheat family but it is different from so called ‘Common Wheat’. Common Wheat has been cultivated by humans since around 10,000BC. That’s a long time – Australia was still connected to Papua New Guinea back then – and in the 12 millennia since, wheat has evolved due to ‘human’ selection to become the seriously versatile food that allowed civilisation to develop into the 21st century.

Spelt is old too. It first popped up in about 8,000BC but didn’t take off in quite the same way. In the great battle of wheat vs. spelt, wheat’s most significant advantage was its softer husk, which made it easier to harvest. In 1800 spelt was still pretty common in Europe and Britain but by the middle of that century, when the mighty combine harvester was invented, wheat became king. A hundred years later spelt was almost forgotten, but I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s come back in a big way!

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Wonders of Winter

We’re well and truly in the middle of winter now. It’s time to settle in for grey days and cosy nights. Luckily, we’re prepared.

Our delicious new winter wonders have been specially created to keep you warm on the inside, and our Rocket girls and boys are rugged up and ready to deliver them to the comfort of your couch.

We hope you like devouring them as much we did creating and tasting them.

And tasting them.

And tasting them…

Buffalo Soldiers


We always want more, more, more Free Range Chicken and these juicy Buffalo Wings have been calling out to us for a while. An authentic Southern Hot Sauce marinade with our house-made dill, chive & lime ranch dressing will warm up your bones and have you licking your fingers.

8 Free Range Chicken wing pieces in Hot Sauce w/ House made Ranch Dip, Charred Sweet Corn Kernels & Fresh Rocket

Maple Beef


We’ve been getting great feedback about the Pulled Beef Brisket in our Fajita pizza so had to make you guys another beef pizza. You’ll know this flavour combo from one or two pubs and burger places lately, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious!

Pulled Beef Brisket & Bacon with Maple Glaze, Roast Balsamic Baby Onions, Charred Sweet Corn, Swiss Cheese on a Smoky Base topped w/ Slaw & Rocket Leaves

Garlic Prawn


Wild Aussie Prawns are another topping you guys can’t get enough of, so here’s something a little bit classic and little bit different. A creamy Napolitana style sauce with garlicy Wild Prawns makes this one taste a bit like an old-school Seafood Marinara (only on a pizza). Give it a go – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised .

Wild Aussie Prawns in our Garlic Marinade, Cherry Tomatoes, Zucchini, Sautéed Mushrooms on a Creamy Marinara Sauce Base topped w/ Fresh Rocket, Parmesan & Lemon

Piggy in the Middle


This is one of our Cream Sauce base pizzas that always get a crazy-loyal following. It’s almost all House-Made (Fennel Sausage, Sage Cream Base, Chilli Pumpkin, Beetroot Relish) so this is a very Rocketboy pizza.

Roast Chilli Pumpkin, Fennel Sausage & Onion on a Sage & Garlic Cream Sauce Base topped w/ Beetroot Relish & Parsley

Ham Solo


This is for the young and old alike. A simple combination of 4 cheeses, Dijon mustard and our awesome Smoked Leg Ham will hopefully make this French inspired classic a new family favourite.

Smoked Leg Ham & Swiss Cheese on a Dijon & Creamy Cheese Sauce Base topped w/ Mustard Dressing, Fresh Rocket & Shaved Parmesan

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Get Your Lunch Delivered


That magical meal, somewhere around the middle of the day that is limited only by your imagination.

Let’s say you forgot your lunchbox, what are you going to do? If you’re after something versatile, that you can eat hot or cold. Something you can slather in meat or veg-it-out, fold it or knife-and-fork it, then Rocketboy is for you!

Here’s what makes Rocketboy pizza the best lunch option since sliced bread.
  1. You can make it fit (almost) any weird diet you’re into: No meat, no dairy, nothing purple, nothing from Tasmania – No problem. If your belly has rules, our pizza is usually pretty chill. It can roll with it.
  2. Everybody from Game of Thrones loves pizza for lunch. Apparently, the entire cast and crew of Game of Thrones have pizza for lunch every day. It’s made by one of the dragons that doesn’t get as much screen time as the others. True story.
  3. We deliver goodness. Sustainably-fished Wild Prawns, Free Range Chicken as standard, delicious veggies, sauces and marinades made in-store. Rocketboy is pushing best-practice food as far as we can.
  4. Pizza makes friends. When someone sees you eating Rocketboy their taste-buds will draw them hypnotically towards you. They’ll sit near you, make a little chit-chat and then, if you offer them a slice they will love you. FOREVER!
  5. Left overs. Even pizza-rookies know that you should always order a little extra. Then, around 4 O’clock, when your unfortunate colleagues and flatmates are pulling out Saladas and protein shakes you’ll have the power of pizza to draw on, with all the wonders that it brings.

Find out what all the fuss is about

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