Malabar’s Best Pizza Delivery Made by Rocketboy

Pizza Delivery MalabarWant a delicious, good-for-you dinner that even your pickiest eaters can’t refuse? Each Rocketboy pizza is oven-baked to perfection then delivered piping hot to your door! Choose from our wide selection of speciality gourmet pizzas and classic combos – each made to order with the freshest organic ingredients and local, free-range meats. Round out your evening with a crisp salad, basket of warm, buttery bread and a delectable dessert that makes fun for the whole family.

Alfred Testimonial

Always wanted to order from here after seeing my roommates empty boxes and stealing a cold slice. Glad I finally tried it out! Ordered their Original Meats and every pizza was hearty with dripping cheese, but still tasted super fresh.

Alfred G
Julie's testimonial

Hands down the best pizza in Malabar! Rocketboy is the holy grail of pizza delivery & I’m regularly stuffing my cheeks with their crispy crust creations. The cheesiness & sauces are perfectly balanced & I’ve never even left a crumb on my plate.

Julie L

Superior Taste – We Bake To Differ

Choose from Regular Light & Crispy, Wholemeal Spelt Flour, or Gluten Free – All our dough is made daily and patted out by hand before each order. In true thin crust pizza-style, this flakey and buttery bottom provides just the right amount of chew while sturdy enough to be piled high with all your favourite toppings!

Mouthwatering Super Fresh Pizza Ingredients

How do we make pizzas that are unmatched in flavour and taste? Because we use the best basics! Vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh herbs are used in our signature sauce. Then each pizza is covered brim-to-brim in the creamiest fresh-shaved mozzarella and succulent meats and organic veg, sourced from local farms.

Pauline Testimonial

Rocketboy Pizza knows how to deliver! Not just on time, but great food. Great service & the pizza is so good, I make my boyfriend get his own so we don’t have to share (but I steal a slice anyway).

Pauline S
Paul's Testimonial

Believe the hype! I thought these pizzas were reserved for over-priced restaurants, but Rocketboy pizzas blew my mind. You can taste the freshness with every bite & every combo we’ve tried is amazing.

Paul M
Jackie's testimonial

The pizza was superb. The crust was as good as it gets & the tomato sauce was very savory. The mozzarella was good & chewy. Would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a nice option to order in.

Jackie K

Got a special request? Check out our quick breakdown of what goes in and what can be left out here.

Delivering Mouth Watering Satisfaction

The Green Rocketboy LeafAnd smiles to Malabar with over a decade of experience! That’s because we strive for perfection both in the kitchen and out. Our food might be ruled by taste, but our promise of exceptional and friendly service builds customers into a community.

Something For Everyone in Little Bay

The Green Rocketboy LeafFrom juicy meats to crisped kale, sautéed onions, and even a dash of chilli oil, our menu has wholesome comfort pizzas and flavours to delight curious taste buds. Ready to order? Call us at (02) 9344 4111 or check out online.


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