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What makes Rocketboy next level pizza? We love to cook!

And we don’t mean just cook pizza. We’re talking nearly every ingredient that goes on top.

You won’t see a can of Pineapple, Caramelised Onions or Marinated Eggplant here folks. No factory-made tubs of pesto, piri-piri or BBQ sauce either.

We take fresh ingredients and vegetables directly from the growers then dice, pick, shred, season, blend, sauté and roast our little hearts out to make original fresh flavours you’ll only find at Rocketboy.

We leave the specialty smallgoods and cheeses to the real experts, but you have to wonder why most pizza shops use a thin slice of raw mushrooms that dries on the pizza, when sautéing them with garlic and seasoning first really brings out their flavour? (spoiler alert – it’s cheaper and they’re lazy)

So, when you’re browsing Rocketboy’s menu imagine how each topping would taste seasoned and cooked from scratch because that’s what you’ll get.

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