One small step for vegan-kind

Our long and sometimes testing journey through life’s plant-based-meat buffet is over. And we’re very excited for you to meet ‘MEET’ from North Sydney’s ProForm Foods.

Locally made? Tick
Got the taste? Double tick
Got the texture right? Triple tick
Cooks great in our ovens? So many ticks!
Doesn’t cost the earth because it bleeds beetroot juice and was grown from a stem cell? You get the idea

MEET ‘chicken’ tenders and ‘beef’ strips are featured on our delicious new vegan pizza, the Eden. The nestle nicely with roast veggies, rosemary potatoes and a vegan gravy base in an homage to the Sunday roast.

But MEET works great as an addition or substitute on any pizza, or grab some grilled to go with your next salad.

Made from predominantly soy, mushroom and other natural goodies, and low in salt you’re in safe hands with MEET. Be sure to give it a try and help make a positive change with us at Rocketboy.

Fancy a Sunday roast (minus the meat)?

Try the Eden, our new vegan pizza.

We can’t wait for you to try our new vegan ‘meats’ – the texture and flavour is amazing, and you won’t have to compromise your virtue. Choose from vegan pulled ‘chicken’ or ‘beef’ strips, and we’ll layer them over a vegan gravy base with roast veggies, shaved potato and the best vegan cheese on the block.

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