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Gluten Free

No Rocketboy pizza can be 100% Gluten Free because it’ll be made in an environment with flour all around. We’ll always use the yummiest Gluten Free bases for the gluten intolerant but unfortunately we can’t cater for those with Celiac Disease. Sorry.


Our Pesto is not made with nuts, but some of our pizzas are. That means we can’t provide a nut free environment or guarantee that traces of nuts won’t be present on your pizza.


Our olives come to us de-stoned but the odd one will still have its stone inside, We’ll never be able to get all the suckers. Please always eat olives with caution.


We don’t have any dairy free items on our menu but our staff are always happy to make your pizza without cheese, and they’ll even chuck a few extra toppings to make up for it. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that there won’t be traces of dairy products though, so our food might not be suitable for those with serious allergies. Note that our Pesto contains parmesan and some of our pizzas have a Cream Base.

Garlic and Onion

Please be aware that many of our ingredients contain garlic and onion, including our sauce.

Serious Allergies

If you have a strict dietary requirement that is essential to your health and well-being (i.e. food allergy) please make sure you advise our store manager when ordering. Because of the way we make our food, there is a high risk that is has come into contact with Gluten, Fish & Crustacean, Egg, Milk, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Sesame, Soy and Sulphites. We always try to make orders the way the customer requests, but we can’t guarantee 100% protection from cross contamination with allergens.


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