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It’s been a little while, but Rocketboy is back with a few new treats for our friends. After many a morning tinkering away in our pizza kitchen we’ve emerged with 3 new flavour combos that we love! We’re quietly confident that you will too.


Fajita - menu photo

Like a lot of you we’ve been a little obsessed with our slow cooker this year. What better way is there to do beef!? This Mexican style pizza does it beautifully. We use Organic Beef Brisket from NSW, bursting with the flavour of Coriander, Chilli and Lime. The Fajita has ‘menu star’ written all over it!

Organic Mexican Pulled Beef in Chilli, Coriander & Lime, twice-cooked Butter Beans, Onion, Jalapeños, Roast Capsicum topped w/ Sour Cream dip & Hot Sauce


Frango - menu photo

Our Brazilian buddies, working and eating in our Maroubra store helped come up with this one (special nod to William B). Authentic family-recipe paprika chicken with a very Brazilian cream-cheese style sauce. Yum!

Paprika Pulled Chicken, house-made Brazilian ‘Catupiry’ style cheese sauce, Spanish Onion, Marinated Artichokes topped w/ Olive Tapenade & Parsley


Giza - menu photo

Falafel – one of the world’s favourite foods, and ours. We’ve dressed it up with some of its best friends from the Middle East and Mediterranean. A veggie pizza that gives you the health kick and fills you up too.

House-made Fresh Falafel, Grilled Eggplant, Roast Capsicum on a spicy Harissa sauce base topped w/ Cornichons, Herb & Garlic Yoghurt & Lemon

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