Surf & Turf

House Marinated Picanha Steak & Garlic Prawns, Fresh Capsicum & Spanish Onion On A BBQ & Tomato Base W/ Lime & Ginger Aioli
M – $18   L – $23   XL – $27

Torn between steak or seafood?

Right now you’re in luck, because with our special edition Surf & Turf pizza, you can have the best of both worlds. This saucy little number combines a Tonkatsu BBQ base with sizzling prawns and Picanha steak – and trust us, it’s a marriage that actually works.

To complete the perfect partnership, we’ve added fresh capsicum, Spanish onion and a drizzle of our tangy house-made lime & ginger aioli. Seriously seductive, this is one pizza we strongly recommend you get to know. Just don’t get too attached – after all, the Surf & Turf is around for a good time, not a long time!

What’s Picanha steak, we hear you ask?

Well it’s one of Brazil and Portugal’s best-kept secrets: a prized cut of beef that stays tender even under extreme heat (making it perfect for our fiery 270-degree pizza ovens!). Marinated in our signature pepper and garlic recipe, it’s a must-try for flavour aficionados.


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