Nicole M

I love a good thin crust & Rocketboy does it perfectly. Will definitely order more! They don’t skimp on the toppings, either & offer a great selection. If you can’t choose just one, order more, you won’t regret it!

Jamie W

Flavorful pizzas in substantial sizes. Rocketboy Original Meats are a meat lover’s dream without forcing you to stick with just boring sausage & cheese. Every pizza holds their own with perfect crusts & toppings.

Michael T

You don’t know pizza until you’ve tried Rocketboy. Their original meats are SO good & the delivery service is always excellent. Chewy, cheesy & not greasy. Everytime I order, I want to lick the

Margaret D

Probably my favorite pizza delivery in Matraville so far. I’ve tried the Lola and Hey Pesto, & neither disappoints. Even better, Rocketboy pizzas don’t sit in your stomach like a brick & there’s enough veggies to feel like they’re both healthy and delicious

Kim L

You can’t ask for better combinations – The Rockefeller or Gilligan’s Island? Yum! Rocketboy delivery is my go-to any night I don’t want to go out. Love that they’ll even make two of your favourites into one half-and-half pizza. And yes! – they come on time.

Pauline S

Rocketboy Pizza knows how to deliver! Not just on time, but great food. Great service & the pizza is so good, I make my boyfriend get his own so we don’t have to share (but I steal a slice anyway).

Jackie K

The pizza was superb. The crust was as good as it gets & the tomato sauce was very savory. The mozzarella was good & chewy. Would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a nice option to order in.

Paul M

Believe the hype! I thought these pizzas were reserved for over-priced restaurants, but Rocketboy pizzas blew my mind. You can taste the freshness with every bite & every combo we’ve tried is amazing.

Julie L

Hands down the best pizza in Malabar! Rocketboy is the holy grail of pizza delivery & I’m regularly stuffing my cheeks with their crispy crust creations. The cheesiness & sauces are perfectly balanced & I’ve never even left a crumb on my plate.

Alfred G

Always wanted to order from here after seeing my roommates empty boxes and stealing a cold slice. Glad I finally tried it out! Ordered their Original Meats and every pizza was hearty with dripping cheese, but still tasted super fresh.


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