Waste not, Want not

Like any business, Rocketboy has an impact on this planet. But in the spirit of World Environment Day, we wanted to tell you a bit about what we’re doing to reduce this impact – so when you order a pizza with us, you know the kind of ethos you’re supporting.

We love locally grown produce.

From the start, Rocketboy has used as much local produce as possible. For example, rather than buy from producers interstate we work with growers who are farming in the Sydney basin area. That means lower transport impacts, and the chance to contribute to our local economy in a positive way.

Our prawns are our pride & joy.

Buying sustainably-grown produce really matters to us – and there’s no better example than our wild Australian prawns, which are MSC certified. It’s our way of supporting responsible farming and fishing practices, and preventing the destruction of the world’s mangroves caused by imported farmed prawns from South East Asia (and we’re 100% sure you can taste the difference).

We keep it in-house.

Instead of buying heaps of pre-packaged ingredients, we make most of our pizza toppings in house – from that pesto you love, to our signature marinades. As well as making our food more fresh and yummy, it’s reducing the packaging waste we create which cuts down on the carbon footprint of our food.

Our food scraps no longer go to waste.

Rather than throw our food waste in the bin, we now send it to The Organic Recycling Group, who use it to make compost – which in turn, improves the soil for farmers. This closed loop system has been in place since March this year, and we estimate it’s already reduced our landfill by a massive 50%. Which we’re more than a little pleased about.

Got any ideas about what we could do better? We’d love to hear them. Email us at ethics@rocketboypizza.com.


Did you know…
Food waste makes up an estimated 22% of landfill! Without oxygen, it can’t break down naturally – and as a result, creates deadly methane gas and toxic run-off. The message is clear… compost! Check out this article to hear the food waste story in more detail.
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