You’ve never Spelt so good

What’s your pizza based on?

It’s no secret that the base is the most important part of any pizza. Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle – we’ve been perfecting our regular base, dough-ball by dough-ball for a lot of years and we’re pretty happy with it. Despite this we were hearing from some of our customers that they loved our pizza but they just couldn’t eat wheat, wheat, wheat with every meal anymore, so a few years ago we began tinkering with a new kind of dough.

How to make a Spelt Base Pizza that tastes great.

After a lot of experimenting our pizza geniuses came up with a unique Spelt Base that we still use today. We settled on a combination of 100% Australian Spelt and Wholemeal Flours, Honey, Sea Salt, Herbs, a dash of Yeast and a drizzle of Local Olive Oil to create a base with a delicious, mild nutty flavour. It’s a great match for our Lola, Maple Beef or Capricciosa pizzas. Or, if you’re a fan of our Garlic and Cheese breads ask for one with spelt next time.

Feel better about eating pizza

That’s what our spelt base is really all about – feeling better. If you’re one of those people that feels a bit bloated or your tummy’s not happy after eating too much wheat, then you should definitely give spelt a try.

The coolest part about spelt is it’s easier to digest. It has high water-solubility so its nutrients are absorbed into the body more easily and quickly. It also has a lot less gluten, and the gluten it does have is different.

Spelt Flour and Gluten

Gluten is often the binding agent in baked products. It affects foods texture by making it more elastic, less chewy. For example cake has less gluten than bread. When you eat food with gluten your digestive system has to break the bonds the gluten has formed.

Spelt gluten is more fragile than that in wheat. Think about how as you keep mixing wheat dough it gets tougher and tougher as bonds form. Well, with spelt dough the more you mix, the more it falls apart. Bit harder to make, much easier to eat.

Spelt flour is not gluten free, so it’s certainly not suitable for anyone with celiac disease or a serious gluten intolerance but for our customers that usually have to think twice about having a wheaty pizza, it can make a big difference.

The great Spelt-Wheat war of 1850

Spelt grain is part of the wheat family but it is different from so called ‘Common Wheat’. Common Wheat has been cultivated by humans since around 10,000BC. That’s a long time – Australia was still connected to Papua New Guinea back then – and in the 12 millennia since, wheat has evolved due to ‘human’ selection to become the seriously versatile food that allowed civilisation to develop into the 21st century.

Spelt is old too. It first popped up in about 8,000BC but didn’t take off in quite the same way. In the great battle of wheat vs. spelt, wheat’s most significant advantage was its softer husk, which made it easier to harvest. In 1800 spelt was still pretty common in Europe and Britain but by the middle of that century, when the mighty combine harvester was invented, wheat became king. A hundred years later spelt was almost forgotten, but I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s come back in a big way!

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